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We pride ourselves on a reputation for acting with integrity and honesty and we are committed to achieving and maintaining this reputation as we help our clients achieve their property goals. Integrity is based on our values and represents our commitment to uphold the highest ethical business practices.


As the owner of this business and consumer myself, having bought and sold many properties, the same questions would go through my mind. How can I maximise profit, with as little expense as possible?

Having made over $2,000,000.00 in profit over the years, I have accumulated the experience and knowledge of maximising wealth in the property market with minimal expenditure.

After many years of learning home improvement and studying home design, my ideas developed of wanting to help the average Australian who either didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on their home or just needed some help in the home improvement and design process for their home to look the best it can be.

Owner of Home Design for Profit

The core purpose of this business is to help you eliminate common property mistakes and to make your home the best it can be for sale, investment or just a better quality of living! Our aim is to provide Australians with the confidence and guidance to improve their home via our complete home improvement, design and styling services, tailored to suit our every client’s need and budget.

Home Design for Profit is based in Perth and can only provide residents living in the Perth Metropolitan Area with the home visit packages. However, we can offer residents right across Australia with our online services.


Why choose Home Design for Profit? And How are we different?

Currently, most interior designers on the market today offer a redesigned service of a room with the option of designers, or yourself to purchase all the new furniture for your room in order to redesign the room. This is a great service if you only want one room revamped and you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on your room. However, at Home Design for Profit, we don’t encourage you to spend a lot of money to improve your home or garden, but rather, our aim is to keep the cost down for you but still transform your home into the best quality standard possible.

We understand that many families, pensioners, or first home buyers are battling to keep afloat, would love a great looking home but just don’t have tens of thousands to spend on their home, never mind spending that on one room! That is why we have made it affordable for everyone to access a quality design service to help make their home the best it can be.

We have different packages to suit every budget from only $39.00….yes that’s right $39! And our packages are a fixed price too! These packages will provide you with the help and guidance you need to create the room/home of your dreams!

With our service, you have the option of how much or how little you want to get involved, according to your budget and skills, as this will help to keep the cost down and we will show you how.

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