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Home improvements can greatly improve your quality of life, financial investment and boost your aged pension!
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When you retire we understand how important it is to secure your life savings and no better place to invest than your own home, for your own gains and rewards, now or in the future.

In Australia, around 65% of older adults receive a government pension or allowance as their main source of income at retirement (Australian Securities & Investments Commission / ASIC). Your assets, whether a boat, caravan, motor vehicles etc. are all considered as an asset when eligibility for the aged pension is being assessed. When your assets have reached a certain threshold, your pension payment will be reduced or even cut off altogether. However, the good news is

you can invest your money in the home you live in, which is not counted as an asset, thus maybe boosting your income!

The above information was correct in August 2017. However, Home Design for Profit recommends you speak with your financial adviser or a Centrelink officer to obtain the latest information.

In addition, what better place to invest your money than in your own home. You’ve worked hard all your life, paid your taxes and now it’s time to retire in comfort. Whether you need to make some adjustments to your home to better suit your current needs or you want a feel of luxury.

Home Design for Profit can help you achieve what you need in your home to make it as comfortable, safe and practical as you need it to be, for the minimal financial outlay, if required.

If you do have thousands of dollars to invest in your property you can send your home’s market value skyrocketing. Even if you have no plans to sell your home, you’ll want to make improvements on a somewhat regular basis to maintain its stylish appearance and our Design Consultant can really help you maintain that positive appearance.

Getting your home up to date can increase comfort, provide better security and offer a healthier, more efficient living environment. In short, home improvements can greatly improve your quality of life, financial investment and boost your aged pension!

Contact us to guide you through the process in a confidential, respectful and supportive way by completing our enquiry form and someone will be in contact with you soon.


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