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We will show you how to transform your façade and garden for the least financial outlay from only $140!
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In Property Design and the Real Estate Industry, property façade including your front garden are one of the most important features of your home for presentation, value and resale, as it sets the tone for the rest of the home. You’ve heard the saying ‘the outside is but a reflection of the inside!’

So, let’s get to work!

If you’re preparing your home for sale it’s vital to get this part right, it could mean the difference between securing a buyer, and getting more money for your home! Or suffering home sale stagnate!

We can’t stress the importance of this point enough, it’s vital to get this part right. It is a fact that most home buyers determine their interest in a property at first glance. If a potential buyer takes a drive by the home and doesn’t like what they see from the outside you have virtually no chance on getting them through your door, even if the home has everything they are looking for.

Your font façade will not only make good first impressions to potential buyers but your friends too when they come to visit and let’s not forget you! Have you noticed how you feel when you just drive onto your property? Your environment is often linked to your emotions, see our Home Interior Design Service for more info on this subject.

Let’s not forget how important your back garden and façade can be, as you need it to work for you and your family as well as looking good it needs to be functional.

If your selling, you need to think about who is the target market who is most likely to purchase your home and what would they want?

Low maintenance garden maybe, if a family then maybe some play area for the kids, an area for entertaining and so on. Research has also shown the cheapest of garden projects can bring a huge return and you’ll reap the huge benefits!

Your home is your best asset and investment!

There have been many research articles from Australian universities and research papers from the government in Landscape and Urban Planning, in Australia including Perth, on our very own green environment such as street trees, good landscape design, tidying and greening around your home has been shown to increases property value!

We are often asked how to add value to properties on a low budget, as well as increase potential rental returns and increase property value.

We will show you how to transform your façade and garden for the least financial outlay from only $140 that’s right what a small price to pay for an individually tailored plan which can give you a huge financial return and earn you top dollar!

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