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We are often asked

“Is it possible that interior design can actually increase the value of my home?”

the answer is

absolutely it can!

Many studies have shown that for every dollar spent on the right things, you can expect to recoup three or even four times that spent on improvements. One of the reasons for this, to put it quite simply, people generally like to live in nice places, the nicer the home the more people will be drawn to it – the more people will want to buy it – thus increases its value!

Besides investing in your home for a better return in the future, which is one of the biggest reasons to invest, but there are so many other reasons to invest in your home, such as health and the advantages to living in the right environment. Research has shown that our environment can affect our thought, mood and behaviour.

Most of us can think of a time when we have walked into a space, and noticed how we felt at that time changed, experiencing an immediate sense of calm, comfort, stimulation or even unease. These feelings can be influenced by many factors, such as space, decoration and colour.

As a rule, lighter colours in a space, will feel more open and light like the sky, whereas darker colours give off a heavy feeling and can make you feel more enclosed.

Is your room or home having a positive effect on your thoughts, mood, or behaviour?

Everyone deserves to have a home they love coming home to – a refuge from the world and a place to rest and enjoy in comfort. A place where you can invite friends over without feeling embarrassed, a place to entertain, a place you can relax, enjoy and be happy!

We can help you create the right environment most suitable for you, to ensure your room or home has a positive influence on you and your family, reflecting personality, preferences and needs.

Most people really can achieve this without spending thousands of dollars to make your home the best it can be. You don’t have to have a ‘flash’ or upmarket home to be able to improve the presentation of your home. Whether you live in a one-bedroom unit or a six-bedroom, three-bathroom home, we can show you how to achieve a great looking home with the least financial outlay, by helping you utilise most of your own items by renewing their look, or changing room layouts, purchasing some small items, or just by making some changes which will transform your room, home or / and garden.

However, if your home needs a lot of changes or a significant amount of work, then we can show you how and where the most manual labour and or money will need to be spent for best value, presentation and financial profit.

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