New House Inspection Report Package – $350.00

For the New House Inspection Report Package, you will receive the following.

A Design Consultant will meet with you at your chosen property address, to discuss your needs and goals of the potential property to be purchased. The Design Consultant will then inspect every area of the property, take notes and photos of the rooms (or room) and gardens.

The Design Consultant may also need to discuss the property with the appointed Real Estate Agent managing the property.

The Design Consultant will work on all the information collected to develop your inspection report.

You will receive a written detailed report of recommendations on the property including gardens with an estimation of the total cost range involved to replace/improve the home tailored to your needs.

The Inspection Report will be emailed to you.

Is the New Home Package right for me?


Home Design for profit Perth

This package may suit a first home buyer, an investor or for the individual who thinks they may have found the right home but is not sure how much work will be involved to get the house to a good standard how they would like it or how much it is likely to cost them. Many people lose out on a good property buy because they are ‘put off’ by its current undesirable presentation and find it difficult to visualise it any different. Alternatively, some people have overlooked the workload and financial cost involved in a property, only later to find out their mistake, after they purchased the property.


Our intention is to provide the potential buyer with a realistic picture, a clear description of the current state of the property. This will include, identified positive features of the home, any areas of the home that show real potential, as well as any negative features of the home, any identified alerts that maybe easily overlooked by a potential buyer, the work that needs to be done to the property, with an estimated cost any new items. The Design Consultant will also identify items for you to consider replacing, adding or removing, as well as making recommendations and comments on the condition of some identified items. As many items as possible will be inspected and tested, the results will be included in the Inspection Report. Please note the Design Consultant will only comment on the items clearly seen on a walk around the property and cannot comment on items not seen, such as the roof or in loft space or on specialised areas. All identified items will be included in this package for your perusal before a decision is made to buy the property.

Buy the Inspection Report Package now by downloading and completing the Client Details from here.

How Quick Can I Receive My Inspection Report Package?


Home Design for profit Perth

Please complete the ‘Client Details’ form. Once we receive this form, a Design Consultant will email you within 24hrs to arrange a time to meet on site, at the new property address, you want the report for. You will also be provided with an invoice attached to the email. Before the meeting on site, a deposit of 50% of the full package cost must be received. After the site meeting, the Design Consultant will complete your Inspection Report and return to you within 72hrs after site meeting. Full payment must be received before you receive your full Inspection Report.

Buy Inspection Report Package now by downloading and completing the Client Details form here.

New House Inspection


Home Design for profit Perth

When buying a new home everyone wants to feel they’ve made a good buy! Or even a bargain! Unfortunately, after a sale, many people feel they made the wrong decision for several reasons, but here are just a few. Firstly, it’s easy to be ‘put off’ by a home which has an undesirable presentation. This type of home can be difficult to visualise it looking any other way. However, we can advise on how the house can be brought up to a good standard maybe to rent it out or to live in it and make it home. Very often the work needed is only superficial and with a good vision, creative ideas and a plan you could make this house the best it can be and would bring a nice return on the property!  On the other hand, many people have bought an established home to find afterwards there was too much work involved than previously thought and spending a lot more money than they previously estimated, resulting in them feeling overwhelmed and broke by their new or recent purchase, wishing they had never bought their home.


Don’t let this happen to you! Our Design Consultants can help you gain a clearer picture of the current condition of the property and its potential. Depending on your goal of purchase, we will be able to recommend what you need to do to reach that goal. We will provide an estimated range of how much the work is likely to cost you financially and/or manually if you purchased it. You will receive an Inspection Report which will help you identify the amount of work that may be needed inside and out, and provide you with an estimate of costs before you decide if this house is the best buy for you.

We listen to your needs and goals to produce the results. We go over and beyond.

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