Online Colour Scheme Package:  1 Room or home package – only $39.00


You will receive the following in your Colour Scheme Package:


A ‘Colour Scheme Guide’ for you to follow, is suitable to use throughout your home or one room. If you choose a colour you want to include in your colour scheme, we’ll work with it, providing you with the complete colour scheme around your chosen colour. If you don’t have a preferred colour you want to keep, no problem just leave it all to us and we’ll create you a complete colour scheme, which will detail where to use each colour within your room/home.

A customised Colour Scheme Card designed to fit into your bag to take shopping for colour matching of any new items purchased. The Colour Scheme Card will be your very own personal colour scheme, derived from feedback about you, your room/ home, preferences and lifestyle.

Is the Colour Scheme Package for me?


Home Design for profit Perth


This package will make a massive impact on any room or home for lifestyle and comfort if selling or investing or a first home buyer will reap the benefits. The Colour Scheme package will help people who just need some guidance on in what colours to use on their walls, window treatments, door frames, floor colour, furniture colour and accessories. If you have a colour you would like to be included, this will be used to add great colour to your room, either in large or small quantities depending on the chosen colour, and examples, where to use this colour, will be provided in your completed package.  A Design Consultant will work with your chosen colour developing a detailed report on the complementary colours that will work well with your chosen colour. You will receive recommendations on colours to use for your walls, floor, cornice, furniture, window treatments, and accessories.

In addition, you will receive a card containing your very own colours, chosen by one of our Design Consultant’s, using your answers from completing our Client Brief Form. This Colour Scheme Card will be yours to keep and great for colour matching for any new item in your room/house.

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When will I receive my Colour Scheme Package?


Home Design for profit Perth


Once we have received your Client Details form, a Design Consultant will email you within three business days with attached Client Brief form, an Invoice and arrange a convenient start date for your chosen package. If you are happy to proceed, you will be required to pay either a deposit of 50% of package cost before your package start date or the full package cost, whichever is more convenient for you. However, before you receive your completed package the full package cost must be paid in full.

From the start date of your package, your Design Consultant will have 14 days to work on and complete your improvement package and will send your complete package to you via email.


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