Jolene and Gus – Online Garden Design and Convert Package

Jolene and Gus – Online Garden Design and Convert Package

There has been a considerable amount of research in Australia that shows a great designed garden increases buyer appeal and property prices. An outdoor key area, is the patio area, somewhere to relax with family and entertain friends. It’s very important that this part of the garden looks good but is also functional.

Project Summary

Jolene and Gus purchased a residential duplex, their first home together with a view to modernising when they could afford to do so. Jolene & Gus purchased the Online Garden Design & Convert package to improve their patio area. According to the photos they provided, a small garden space ran off to the side of their small patio area so this was counted as one garden area. They were provided with patio & garden ideas and recommendations specifically designed and tailored to them, as we used the details provided on their Client Brief form and a further consultation. They were also provided with a priority Project Plan for their area in which it listed the order of jobs that needed to be completed before moving onto the next job. They were able to follow their plan at their own pace. Jolene and Gus’ garden is still in progress but they have made a substantial transformation to date by lowering the ground level of their small garden, installing their first soackwell, completed some paving, put in a garden bed borders, placed bamboo fencing over their old broken fence and freshly painted their wooden patio and for a cover placed Perspex sheets. A wooden feature was also constructed with a water feature attached. Once they put in their plants and mulch their area will be completed!


Jolene and Gus were able to do most of the work themselves following our plan and used recycled paving and recycled garden blocks for borders to keep the cost down. They also purchased some items from recycled yards and because their area was a work in progress over time and they knew what they needed, they were able to wait for items to come on special which all reduced their expense but are reaping their financial savings and investment!

Client Testimonial

“My partner and I recently bought our first home, it’s a bit small for us and has an old style about it, but it’s what we could afford. We contacted Home Design for Profit to help us update it. They were fantastic! They gave us lots of great ideas and a great plan to follow which helped us every step of the way. They also gave us lots of garden tips on how to save money. We had all this and it only cost us $140 bucks!  And it was so easy, we just sent some photos to them and they knew exactly what we wanted just by us answering some questions. We will definitely be using this company again for the rest of our gardens and the inside of our home. We hope to make lots of money on this house so we can buy a bigger one” – Jolene and Gus

Financial Budget and Project Particulars

Financial Budget: Client had no upfront budget, the aim was not to spend unless they had to. To date, they had spent $675.00

Client Labour Availability: Two people were able to spend six hours per weekend until the project was completed.

Timeframe: Client’s set their own timeframe to three months to complete their project.

SQM: Approximate 58m of the project area.


Images of Jolene and Gus’s property before the project started.

Patio Area Before mini

Patio Area before the Renovation


Patio Feature Before

Patio Area before the Renovation


Gus Garden mini

Front Garden before the renovation 

Images of Jolene and Gus’s property during the project’s progress.


Patio Area during

Patio Area during the renovation

Images of Jolene and Gus’s property after project’s completion.


Gus Garden after Renovation

Patio Area during the renovation


Patio After ready for plants mini

Patio Area ready for planting after the renovation


Patio renovation after

Patio Area after the Renovation

Sarah and Stan – Premium Design and Convert Package

Sarah and Stan – Premium Design and Convert Package

Over the last few years, research has shown when styling a home, the dining room is often forgotten or overlooked. However, the Dining room can be a very important room in the home, especially if it’s located in an open plan setting, kitchen, family and dining, the heart of the home!

Project Summary

Sarah and Stan recently moved into their long-term rented property, located in a well sought after suburb, but needed to improve the appearance of their family and dining room, which appeared grubby, tired, old and undesirable, at our first home visit. Sarah and Stan purchased a Premium Design and Convert Package, which provided them with all the information they needed to transform this area. Besides using the information gathered on Client Brief form, we were also able to receive more information from Stan and Sarah including their style preferences which were used to create a perfect style board for them with sample pictures of furniture and accessories with ideas on where to shop. We were also able to make a lot more recommendations from the home visit by visually inspecting the home. Sarah and Stran were presented with their Project folder individually designed to their home, budget and situation. They were able to follow their Project Plan which gave them the direction of where they needed to begin to achieve the results they desired. They had permission from their Landlord to change the window treatments and repaint the whole area, which they did according to their package recommendations and purchased all new furniture for their dining and family room.


Once Stand and Sarah received their package, they went to work straight away by hiring a skip to dispose of their old furniture. Stan and Sarah both worked and didn’t have a lot of time to complete the tasks themselves, so hired a painter to paint all the walls and doors of their family and dining, following their complete full-colour scheme from within their package, taking out the headache of trying to pick & match colours. Sarah and Stan saved time by knowing the exact places where they needed to shop for new furniture, following ideas from within their plan, which included their accessories.  Sarah and Stan saved money by doing some of the manual work themselves and from applying the items from their package, they were able to create a clean, great, modern and inviting looking open plan family and dining room. Before / During  / After Photos here Featured Image photo here

Client Testimonial

“We wanted to move to this suburb for the school but wasn’t happy with the house that came up for rent. I contacted Home Design for Profit as I didn’t want to pay out heaps of money, I wanted to spend my money on buying new furniture. This service was perfect for what we wanted and I just loved how the Design Consultant was as passionate about changing my rooms as I was, she gave us the ideas we just loved and was perfect for our rooms. I’ve always struggled with shopping as I’m not very good with what I should buy and matching up things, but after receiving our package it was easy to follow and I felt really confident shopping for everything I needed. I would highly recommend Home Design for Profit to anyone who wants to change something in their home, just try them ” – Sarah and Stan

Financial Budget and Project Particulars

Financial Budget: Sarah and Stan’s budget was $5,000.00 to complete both rooms.  They reported most of the money was spent on new furniture, paint and the painter, but advised from hiring of the skip to purchasing the last of their accessories they spent $4,910.00 Client Labour Availability: Two people were able to spend one whole weekend to clear the room, and another day shopping for new curtains, furniture and accessories. Timeframe: From receiving their package, the clients completed their room from beginning to end within 7 weeks. They reported the longest time was waiting for some furniture to arrive. SQM: Approximate 54m2 of project area

Images of Sarah and Stan’s property before the project started.


Dining Area Before

Dining Area before the renovation started


Family Before

Family Area before the renovation.

Images of Sarah and Stan’s property during the project’s progress.


Family Room During

Family Area during the renovation

Images of Sarah and Stan’s property after project’s completion.


Dining Room Renovation After

Dining Area after the project completion


Family Room After mini

Family Area after the renovation.