Terms and Conditions


1.The term ‘package’ refers to the service and items the client receives from us. What each client will receive is dependent on what package the client has chosen. What each package contains is documented and detailed above on our website, under the heading ‘What Will I Receive in my Package’.

1.1 If a client has refused /chosen not to provide us with the information requested on the client details / brief form, or has opted- out of information sharing to a third party, the items listed in the client’s package may be compromised or reduced to a lesser amount and may limit the service Home Design for Profit can provide to the client.

1.2 When the term ‘book your package’ or ‘booking of package’ is used by us, we are referring to when the client contacts us via email, to advise of their intention to purchase one of our packages and sends their completed brief to us and deposit paid. However, a booking is only binding on us once accepted by us in accordance with clause 1.3. When you book a package you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

1.3 The term ‘account’ or ‘contract’ is the agreement between the client and Home Design for Profit. This contract is activated when a client is making a booking to purchase a package from Home Design for Profit, we accept that booking when we receive the client’s email, brief and deposit, and we contact the client in acceptance of their request to purchase.

1.4 The term whole house referred to in our packages are for houses up to 12 rooms.

1.5 All home visits are made within Perth Metropolitan only for the package price. A separate cost will be incurred if home visits are required outside the Metropolitan area.

1.6 Up to three garages will be included in a whole house package. More garages will incur an extra cost.

1.7 Our Design Consultants are not landscapers and will be unable to offer advice on installation and maintenance on specific plants, synthetic grass, soakwells, driveways, patio & pools, lawns and turf, brick paving, decking, types of stone, limestone walls, retaining walls & site works. Our Design Consultant will be able to offer detailed recommendations and comments on current design, garden items that can be reused or converted and the design and space of gardens.

1.8 New Home Inspection Reports does not make any comments on ‘Specialised Areas’ of the home this may refer to plumbing, electricity, roofing, pools, building structure and so on, as our Design Consultants are not qualified to comment on specialised areas as such.

1.9 The term ‘Package Type’ refers to a distinct package, such as if a client purchased the Colour Scheme Package they will need to purchase either the Online Design & Convert Package or the Premium Design & Convert Package as these are distinct packages. After a client has purchased a one-room Online Design & Convert package, they would not be entitled to a discount if they then purchased a further three room Online Design & Convert as this is considered the same package type. Advertised discounts only apply to the purchase of subsequent distinct packages and not to subsequent purchases of variations of the same package.

Time Lines

1. Timelines from commencement to completion for each package is according to the package type and is stated above on this website, under the heading ‘How and when will I receive my package’. We will not be liable to you for any delay in delivering attributable to you or any cause out of our reasonable control.

1.1 Some packages will receive one revision change as stated above under heading ‘What will I Receive in my Package’. The client is entitled to request the Design Consultant to make one change to any one item within their package upon completion. The Design Consultant will make the required change for the client within 14 days and the changed item will be emailed back to the client.  Further changes can be made in discussion with a Design Consultant for an additional fee.


1.Each package has a fixed price according, to the different packages available. The price is what the client will pay us for the package they have chosen. Please refer above, in this website, to the Prices of packages.

1.1 Prices are non-negotiable.

Payments, Cancellations and Closing of Accounts

1. For all packages, a deposit of 50% of the package cost is required at the time of booking your design package, before a Design Consultant can commence any work on your project. The balance of the package cost must be received by us before the client receives their completed package via email or before the second home visit, whichever applies to the client’s package.

1.1 Each client will be notified via email when their package is completed with a reminder that the balance is now due, if their balance is still outstanding at seven days, we will send a second reminder via email to the client, that their balance of package is now overdue requesting them to pay their balance. If we have not received a response via email from the client, we will advise the client in writing mailed to their physical address provided to us on their Client Brief form and if payment is not received with 28 of the first email, they will forfeit their deposit and package.

1.2 After 28 days from completion of project the client file will be closed and any further assistance must come via a new project.

1.3 When the client and Design Consultant have agreed on a convenient time for the Design Consultant to visit the client at the client’s home, whether first or second home visit, if the client is not at home and has not provided notice to us, in accordance with clause 1.3(a) that they will not be home then as the Design Consultant will have to make another visit to the client’s home, the client is liable to pay Home Design for Profit an extra fee (on top of package cost) of $120.00 to cover the cost of an extra home visit by a Design Consultant. Alternatively, the complete package can be emailed to the client upon the client’s request, if the client chooses not to pay the extra fee for a further home visit by the Design Consultant.

1.3 (a) When the client and Design Consultant agreed on a convenient time for the Design Consultant to visit the client at the client’s home for any visit and the client cancels the visit with less than two hours’ notice, then a fee of $60.00 will be payable by the client to us on account of administrative and travel costs.

1.3 (b) A client may cancel their design package after acceptance but will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever of any amounts paid to us including but not limited to the deposit.

1.4 Home Design for Profit reserve the right to terminate any contract with a client for inappropriate client behaviour which may be, but not limited to behaviour such as, shouting, disrespectful or abusive behaviour towards a Design Consultant. As a result, the client will forfeit their deposit will not be entitled to any product created by the Design Consultant whatsoever.


1. Recommendations are subjective and made based on the experience of our Design Consultants. Whilst we will always do our best to accommodate any personal preferences you have advised us during the brief and ensure you are happy within the scope of our terms, as our recommendations relate to matters such as design and aesthetics, it may be that your preferences and our recommendations do not always align. Home Design for Profit will not be liable to you if you do not agree with any of the recommendations made by the Design Consultant on your completed package report or you have a difference of opinion on any recommendations made.

1. Further to clause 1.8 of the section titled ‘General’, our recommendations and comments are general in nature and are not to be construed as qualified advice in place of professional services such as electrical, plumbing, town planning, building or engineering.  Once you have received our recommendations, it is your sole responsibility to have those recommendations approved by relevant professional trades and services before proceeding with implementation of any recommendations. We do not provide any warranties that our recommendations will be able to be actioned without any further approvals or qualified tradespersons implementing them unless we expressly advise you in writing otherwise.

1.1 We will make recommendations to the best of our ability based on the quality of photos and other information received from you. We will not be liable to you for poor quality photos or items not seen or easily identifiable in the photos provided by you or any other information which you fail to provide us that would be reasonably relevant to the recommendations we are to make.

1.2 We are not liable to you for any loss or damages suffered by you or any other person attributable to your implementation of any recommendation that we have made. Further, to the extent that your implementation of a recommendation causes damage to any other person or property, you agree to hold us harmless with respect to same.

1.3 Our services are governed by the Australian Consumer Law. There are Consumer Guarantees which cannot be contracted out of.

1.4 To the extent that we are permitted by law to do so, we expressly deny and disclaim all warranties, representations or guarantees in relation to any of our services whatsoever and howsoever arising. To the extent that, notwithstanding the foregoing, we are held to be liable to you, the maximum of our liability to you will at all times be limited to a refund of monies paid by you to us with respect to the service for which we have been found liable.

1.5 These terms and conditions, when read in conjunction with the description of the Package Type, form the entire agreement between you and us.

Customer Complaints Procedure

1. It is our intention to produce a high-quality standard of service to our clientele and will do our utmost to ensure every client is delighted with their completed design package. However, if you are not happy with the service you’ve received, please let us know and we will try our best to find a solution that you are happy with, within the scope of our terms and conditions.

Limited Refund

1.1 If a Design Consultant is in their absolute sole opinion unable to make any recommendations for your space, due to the high level of the condition and presentation of your home, then Home Design for Profit will refund your money into your nominated bank account, minus a $10.00 administrative charge if online package only was purchased, and $30 call out fee for a home visit.

Updates to the Terms

Home Design for Profit reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on our website, which are effective upon posting. The version of terms posted on our website at the time of your booking a package will be applicable to your package.

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